Photoshoot Packages

See below for standard prices. We can also discuss custom packages based on the appropriate time commitment and special needs required for your desired results and budget.



* Please note that prices are listed in us dollars and are applicable for NYC local assignments only
**If you are interested in a non-local assignments, please leave me a message here
** For agency model test shoots, please fill out a form here and select model test shoots


Photo Licensing 

A licensing agreement will grant permission for your specified and intended use on selected images. We will discuss permissions and constrains for each licensing agreement. Please note that Ruby Chu Photography will continue to own the all images' copyright. You will be able to use the licensed images in accordance with the terms of our license agreement without interfering with its intellectual property.

These prices are intended for regional use only. Please leave me a message here if you are interested in licensing.


Fine Art Custom Prints

If you are interested in custom photo prints. Please check out the beta print shop and/or leave me a message here.


Creative Services 

Available for selected projects. Project durations can hugely varied as it depends on the complexity of the desired output, whether the client is content-and-media ready, whether prototyping is needed, whether there’s already a solid vision of how the product will look like, etc. We can discuss what you are hoping to create and accomplish. I can then propose a plan that prioritize your most important and impactful wants that fits your budget accordingly.

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