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Portrait work with an editorial touch.


Fine Art


Frequently reassembles paintings expressed through an uncomplicated composition and a distinct color palette. Her favorite vehicle for fine art photography is her vintage all-mechanical film camera from the '60s. Without light meters, batteries, computer chips and other modern technology, subjects are captured in a raw, nostalgic, yet honest manner. 


Sea Vibes

Glimpses of the most admired subject since the beginning of time. 



"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." - Jacques Yves Cousteau


Him & Her

Connections between two people are comprehensible through the contours of subtle details in their interactions. These are the moments she loves to capture as they create timeless images endorsed by the outspoken and infinite energy derived from its non-replicable nature. 




Embracing an inward-spectatorship approach to unfold the relationship between ingredient, chef, and devourers. These relationships can be uncovered by following the three fragments of a culinary journey: the chef in preparation, the gourmet, and the event that brought the table together.


Recent clients: Osmanthus, Sauc'y, Preview Modern Seafood, Chosun Restaurant, Texas Cook’s Co-op, etc. 


Recent works

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